Monday, July 22, 2013

Texas in July

Surviving a Texas summer is always a grand feat... At least in my book it is. I am a true Texan and I was born, raised, and I am currently living in Houston, Tx. Being from Houston you would think I would be prepared and not too surprised to be drenched in sweat when I walk from my house to my car and when you can't breathe when you hit the wall of humidity...

Don't get me wrong. I do love my hometown... Unfortunately, for me, I prefer a cooler climate. Baking in 200% humidity + 1000 degree weather is not my idea of a fun time!

Anywho... What do us Houstonians do when the deathly summer months roll around? We escape! The more fortunate ones get to go to fabulous cabins in Aspen or Utah.. Or some escape on fabulous European vacations.

Me and my family are not completely unfortunate. We spend nearly every weekend (especially during the summer) heading up to "God's Country" (as my dad calls it)... AKA "The Hill Country" AKA Austin... Where we try to keep things getting weirder and weirder.

So we went this weekend where we enjoyed the fabulous Lake Travis, family time and shopping.

Just a quick sidebar.. My husband and I decided to stay a night in town at the Driskoll on 6th street.. We got there a tad late... Like midnight... It was all my husbands fault..And let's just say we were a hair behind the other "Zombies" on 6th street... Please tell me I never looked like them. 
I tried my hardest to snap a pic for you, but I saw some ensembles I've never seen in my entire life Truly scarring.
The one that really took the cake was the female who was very well endowed in the rear end division and she thought it would be a good idea to LITERALLY cut her jean shorts in half. Now this was not some fabulous, toned, round tush... This was note a cute rear end. And I could see HALF OF IT... As you can see, I'm still a bit scared. Get the image out of my head. 

So here's the most important note to remember.. If you ever find yourself stuck in Texas in the summer months... Embrace it!

If you're Traveling to Austin for a weekend get away here are some fun things to experience!
1. The LAKE! Lake Travis is my personal fav, but there's also Lake Austin and many many more...
  Head over to the Lakeway Marina where you can rent a boat (WITH a driver) to go skiing or just for      fun.. you can rent jet ski's, or the latest craze (we just saw this past weekend) FlyBoarding!!
     Lakeway Marina
Fly Boarding
Hanging out in Lake Travis "Wreck Em"
2. Rent Canoe's, Kayak's, Paddle Boards or Paddle Boats
Rowing Dock at Zilker Park

3. Go on a "Fun Run" just make sure and keep it early!
We did the Color Run recently.. and WHAT a turn out.. definitely arrive early! Like. minimum, 2 hours... They are all over the country so look up one in your area too!
The Color Run
Start Line... Almost there!  
Our painted selves afterwards!
4. If you can find your self a spot to relax on a lounge chair or soak in the pool, grab your self a summer flick and a delish marg and ENJOY!
I am a little obsessed with Sophie Kinsella. I just finished reading Wedding Night and it is a Must Read for sure! Just a light fun book..

 5. Last but CERTAINLY not least... make sure and find a spot to enjoy the FABULOUS sunsets. There is rarely a evening where you see something less gorgeous than what is pictured below.

And as always...
Happy Traveling, Designing and don't forget your Dash of Espresso (with a hint of brunch)

Happy Monday!

XO and Cheers